The agency

My agency has been established from an enthusiasm for an industry that has always fascinated me:
Property, and everything concerned with it.

I was born in 1966 and arrived at this point of my life after many other activities in various areas including public administration, the ceramic industry, ship building, tourism and hotel management in Italy, and abroad.

Once I started a family - I now have two young children, Leonardo (born in 2005) and Sofia (born in 2010) - I wanted to work nearer to home. This was the ideal time to start my own business as a Real Estate Agent.

This is a very important job - people invest most of their money in their home and they need the right advice from a qualified professional to be able to make the correct decision. That’s the mutter, because I’ve dedicated to the house and
to it’s important rule in our society the dissertation of my bachelor’s degree in economics.

It is not possible to buy a property after one quick look and to assume that everything is OK. In the past the agent did not have any responsibility. He just introduced the buyer to the seller and, with a handshake and a drink, the deal was done - you can still find it described like this in our Civil Code! These days a Real Estate Agent has to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and therefore is regulated by the government. The Agent is the person who must guarantee that all details verifying the legality of the property being sold are in order, before approaching the notaries and architects.

This work includes checking with the Land registry that the property is registered correctly in absolute compliance with the urbanistic law, and free of loans or mortgages. We also ensure that planning and building permissions are correct and that anyone with a legal right to the property has been contacted (in rural areas, there are additional checks we make such as pre-emption rights of farmers, landscape bonds, hydrogeological assets, etc).

This is not an easy task considering that every house is different and brings with it, its own issues...
However, I am very aware of my responsibilities as a Real Estate Agent, and I will always aim to find the correct and most satisfactory solution for my clients, to any issue that may arise.


How to buy a house in Italy



A book written as a guide to the most common problems and answers to the many questions that worry those who are looking for property in Italy.

All of the topics I'll discuss within this book are first to show how complicated a purchase could be, then also to let the potential international buyer know, of what they should be aware of before to choose an appropriate property and to sign a binding offer.

A book written thinking at my clients and at their many questions I do daily receive.